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Our client's business website was not generating enough leads and conversions. They needed to improve their search impressions, clicks, and search position to drive more organic traffic and increase overall conversions.


  • We conducted an in-depth SEO analysis of the client's website, identifying key areas for improvement. We optimized content, meta tags, and images to enhance search engine visibility.
  • Through comprehensive keyword research, we identified high-impact keywords related to the client's industry and integrated them strategically into the website's content.
  • We implemented advanced analytics tools to monitor search impressions, clicks, and conversion rates, allowing us to make data-driven adjustments.


By implementing our SEO strategies and focusing on relevant keywords, our client's business website experienced a significant increase in search impressions and clicks. As a result, their website's search position improved, leading to a higher organic ranking on search engine results pages. The enhanced online visibility and improved user experience resulted in a notable surge in leads and conversions, directly impacting their bottom line.


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