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Our client faced challenges in identifying various animals that entered their fields, leading to potential crop damage and increased labor costs for monitoring and prevention.


  • We implemented a state-of-the-art Visual AI system equipped with advanced image recognition algorithms to identify and classify different animals.
  • The Visual AI system was integrated with surveillance cameras strategically placed across the agricultural fields. It continuously monitored the area and alerted the staff whenever animals were detected.
  • We curated an extensive database of images for different animal species commonly found in the region. This database enabled the Visual AI system to accurately recognize and distinguish between various animals.


With the implementation of Visual AI, our client experienced a remarkable reduction in crop damage caused by unwanted animals. The real-time monitoring and identification system allowed for swift and targeted action, ensuring efficient animal deterrence. The reduction in labor costs associated with manual monitoring further contributed to increased overall operational efficiency. The accuracy and reliability of our Visual AI system proved instrumental in mitigating potential agricultural losses and maximizing productivity.


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